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Might-E Truck

Might-E Truck is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) ideal for use as an off-road work vehicle at campuses, malls, resorts, parks, airports and industries. Designed for low maintenance cost Might-E Truck outperforms combustion vehicles both financially and mechanically.

Might-E Tug

Might-E Tug is a multipurpose electric towing unit designed to move a variety of carts, bins and equipment. The Might-E Tug is available in 24-Volt standard-duty and super-duty models with a maximum pulling capacity of 2,000 and 7,000 lbs.

Might-E Cart

Might-E Cart

The Might-E Cart is an electric powered utility cart for both indoor and outdoor use.  The Might-E Cart works well in a range of applications: industrial /warehouse, hospital and outdoor garden. Simple and safe controls make this unit easy for all to operate. Highly maneuverable, the Might-E Cart fits through standard doors and steers easily in tight spaces. Available in 24-Volt standard-duty and super-duty models with maximum load capacities of 400 and 800lbs.

Airport Service Vehicles

Refueling, LAV, tanker, stair and other applications. Canadian Electric Vehicles has provided the drive system parts for over 70 of these vehicles in operation around the world.

Industrial Vehicles

Electric Touring Carriage Drive System for New York’s Central Park • Portable Industrial Air Compressors • Three-Wheeled Electric Police Patrol Vehicle • On-site 5 Ton Dump Truck Drive System for use in New Zealand’s Forestry Industry • Rubber-Tracked Platform for use in Construction Projects in Japan • Electric Bobcat for Commercial Greenhouses • Prototype Consulting for Various Mining Vehicles • Ice resurfacers

Conversion Kits

When you buy your conversion kit or individual parts from Canadian Electric Vehicles we provide technical support for your vehicle conversion. We have been installing these parts in our own conversions for over 20 years so we have a very good working knowledge of how they work best together.